100 Copied Bananas


Dec 01 @

The NFT store where the 3D data of 100 bananas is auctioned simultaneously.
KONEL, the Japanese creator group, will start selling their works at an NFT marketplace on December 1st. This is an experimental project to observe the change in value caused by reproduction.
Konel has released “100 COPIED BANANAS”, the NFT store to auction off 100 bananas’ 3D data (.stl format).
The auction will start on December 1st, 2021 (3AM GMT).

This work was digitally reproduced 100 times by establishing a copy cycle of 3D scanning a commercial banana, 3D printing it based on the data, and then 3D scanning and 3D printing it over and over again.
Comments from the creator
“The value of a copy is less than the value of the original.”
In this technologically advanced digital age, it is possible that this theory may be disproved.
We thought so, and duplicated a banana 100 times through the copy cycle of 3D scanning and 3D printing.
We are attempting to disprove the theories by selling the 3D data generated during the copy cycle as NFTs and comparing the inherent value of each copy.

This project also assumes that after the 3D data is purchased, secondary and tertiary copies of the copies are created and distributed, and observes how they accompany each other.
About the auction
Start: 2021 1st December 3:00AM (GMT International Standard Time / Japan Time 12:00 PM)
End: 2021 15th December 3:00AM (GMT International Standard Time / Japan Time 12:00 PM)

Sales start price: Flat rate 0.1 ETH
About Konel
Konel is a collective of creators and artists with over 30 professions.
With a policy of cross-border skills, we create projects across art production, research and development, and brand design.
With bases in Tokyo, Kanazawa, Berlin, and Vietnam, we are implementing future experiences with a diverse mix of people.
The 100 COPIED BANANAS project is the brainchild of Atsuro Miyako, a creative technologist, and the result of collaboration between creative directors, designers, and engineers.

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