9Cat NFT Fan Art Competition (Ethan)


Dec 01 @

Calling all NFT lovers!
9Cat is launching a 9Cat FanArt competition. It is open to everyone. Let’s market your design and show off your creative capabilities. It is a chance for anyone to promote and share one’s artistic skills via 9Cat Twitter and reap amazing rewards!
Come check out and win a share of a 1,500 USDT prize pool!
Event details: https://t.co/dZlmhOCN8GWL is available for entering over on Discord: discord.gg/9cat
Steps to join: 1. Follow 9CatNFT Twitter https://twitter.com/9CatNFT 2. Go to coloring.9cat.io or use any art tools you like to create your 9Cat 3. Share it on Twitter with the designated message (refer to Event details)
Important dates
The event starts NOW until 13 December 2021 (UTC 11:59 AM)
Winner Announcement — 14 December 2021 (UTC 12:00 PM)
4 prizes in 1.5K USDT for grabs including Top Retweets, Likes, and 9 Teams’ Pick.
Whitelist spot will be awarded to lucky winners.
Top 3 Retweets and Top 3 Likes will be rewarded with 1 9Cat NFT as well.
Upcoming 9Cat Events
The FanArt competition only scratches the surface of what 9Cat has in store. Presale Schedule — 17 Dec 2021 — UTC 12:00 PM (Last for 72 hours as stated here: https://9cat.io/ )
Day Karkal sponsored giveaway — we will announce the details during the presale period.
Public Sale Schedule — 26 Dec 2021 — UTC 02:00 PM
9Cat Saga Adventure Game Alpha Launch — February 2022
As we prepare for these events, we are also working out the details of the 9Metaverse governance tokens (not to be confused with 9Milk tokens). We will discuss these tokens in future updates.
About 9Cat
9Cat is a platform of NFT collectible cats that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The saying, “Cat with nine lives” is the notion behind the 9Cat project — immortal cats living on the Ethereum blockchain, and a collection of 9,999 distinct programmatically generated feline characters. Every 9Cat is unique with different abilities and rarity values, usable in 9Cat Saga Adventure Game(P2E).

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