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AngelSkulls is an NFT Farmer collectible game is a collection with a total supply of 10,000 NFTs Our project is carried out in 3 stages (3 DROP). This first sale is the first step that gives access to all the privileges of our club! AngelSkulls NFTs are 3 in 1 NFTs, Treasure Hunter NFTs, and Double Free minters and much more details on our official website. Club members will embark just 48 hours after the final sale on an incredible treasure hunt, the loot of which is revealed at 559 Ethereum!!! (convert to our $crypto) Detailed roadmap, white papers available on our website. Development planned for this new Project: – Future DAO interface for owners – Reward claim interface – Future DEX Listing of our currency – Priceless privileges – New generation of Swap 3.0 – Development of the METAVERSE Game – Team to expand this candidate project to BinanceLabs!

Prices increase every 100 NFTs Prices start at 0.01 ETH for 100 NFTs!!! (maximum 5 per wallet) 0-100 = Sell price 0.01 ETH per NFT 100-200 = Sell price 0.02 ETH per NFT 200-300 = Sell price 0.03 ETH per NFT 300-400 = Sell price 0.04 ETH per NFT 400-500 = Sell price 0.05 ETH per NFT 500-600 = Sell price 0.06 ETH per NFT 600-700 = Sell price 0.07 ETH per NFT 700-800 = Sell price 0.08 ETH per NFT 800-900 = Sell price 0.09 ETH per NFT 900-1000 = Sell price 0.10 ETH per NFT 1000-10,000 = Sell price 0.15 ETH per NFT

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