Apocalyptic Apes


Dec 15 @

Discord: https://discord.gg/VdY4MQhEtB
Total Supply: 8,888 Minting Date: 12/15/2021 – Date may be moved up Minting Price: 0.07 ETH – If price of ETH goes up we may adjust mint price
Our Story
The Apocalyptic Apes stem from a dingy apocalyptic era where food is hard to find, the air is hard to breathe, and any sign of life is scarce. This is mainly due to the human waste and contamination over the last several thousand years.
It got so bad that MAYC#6990 (owned by one of the founders of the Apocalyptic Apes) had grown mushrooms on his head, neck, and ears after all the pollution had corrupted his body. It was time that he took matters into his own hands, assembling the Apocalyptic Apes and travelling back in time to assist the humans in the fight against toxic pollution.
Our Apocalyptic team has created a DAO community, focusing on helping the world mitigate some of the damage that comes from pollution. With partners in the physical world such as Golden State Hemp, and Earth Vision inc., our holders will decide the fate of our contributions and where they go.
Our partners over at Earth Vision inc. create products that are 100% biodegradable and will degrade well before they reach the ocean.
With patented technology created by Gordon Moore (founder of Intel), they can realign hemp on a molecular level transforming it into a biodegradable material that can be as strong as iron, or as flexible and moldable as plastic.
Plastics are a leading cause of Climate Change, and also of animals becoming extinct in our oceans. Earth Vision products hold zero toxic chemicals and are petroleum free. However, in the small chance these products make it to the ocean, they will degrade in less than a week, leaving our oceans clean and saving animals all around the world.
By cleansing the air with hemp, replacing hemp for food, wood, and for plastics, they are “changing the world one acre at a time.”
– Love From Apocalyptic Apes

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