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Artist Andre Holzmeister ( is releasing a collection of 5000 NFTs called ArtMonkees onto the Solana Blockchain. Minting will be open on January 23rd 8PM UTC for only 0.3 SOL each NFT.
Set in the year 2322 the collection depicts an important scene; Earth is a human-free planet. The humans left when the environment no longer seemed survivable and sought refuge in space stations orbiting Jupiter’s moons. Their absence caused the Earth to naturally regenerate itself, reversing the effects of human destruction and allowing life to thrive once more
One such life form is the ArtMonkees; a unique species of ape intent on not replicating human mistakes. They planned to do this by focusing on more important elements of life – like replacing FIAT money for cryptocurrencies. Their society is decentralized by their shared appreciation of nature and life, and they’re using the blockchain to do it.                   
Andre Holzmeister                      
André is a director, creative director and CG artist based in NYC. He has a string of successful projects under his belt, including founding and directing The Kumite for 5 years, and directing the winner of 5 Cannes Lions; Malak and the Boat. Supported by such a successful career, his next step was to develop an NFT project that visualised his beliefs and values as a creative.                  
To start, the limit of the collection will be decided by the community; only 5000 ArtMonkees will be available to mint, a number that is both achievable and exclusive. However, once ArtMonkees are available to mint, people will have only 1 week to grab one. Any left after this point will be ‘burned’ and removed from circulation, benefiting all ArtMonkees holders by decreasing supply. Burn date: Jan 30th 8PM UTC                   
The price point is appealing, with a price of 0.3 SOL. The ArtMonkees team saw that other projects are flawed in their thinking, by charging their members incredible amounts of money just to make the founders rich. We want to make our ArtMonkees affordable to anyone in the crypto space.
Even more utility can be found after mint, with ArtMonkees holders having access to the ‘MonkeVerse’ which acts as a communal space for ArtMonkees holders. Members have the unique opportunity to network with one another. There will also be an AR Instagram feature to display the collection. ArtMonkees holders don’t have to worry about the collection going dry either, as 7.5% of all secondary sales will be pumped back into the collection in the form of marketing, always keeping the collection in the eyes of the public.
If you’re interested in getting involved in what promises to be a successful collection, the details are simple: 5000 ArtMonkees will be released on January 23rd 8PM UTC in a public sale. In the name of fairness, there will be no whitelist or pre-sale, and everybody will have an equal chance at minting.

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