Baby Mammoth Club

0.5-1.5 SOL X5000


Dec 20 @

Assembling a herd of 5,000 unique Baby Mammoths to roam throughout the metaverse and graze on the Solana blockchain!

Baby Mammoth Club NFT Roadmap

Phase zero
The Awakening
▪ Generate the mammoths
▪ Sneak peeks 2x a week
▪ Regular “Hype Trains”
▪ Whitelist exclusive giveaways
▪ Collaborations with other NFT projects
▪ Hire moderators for Discord

Phase One
The Bonding
▪ Marketing campaigns on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and Reddit
▪ Get listed on Howrare, Solanalysis and NextDrop
▪ Contracts with secondary marketplaces
▪ Baby Mammoths Club website
▪ Rarity sheet released
▪ Presale sold out

Phase Two
The Charge
▪ 75% of secondary market sales goes to the Community Treasury
▪ Grape verification for holders
▪ Marketplace sales bot
▪ Holder exclusive chat and giveaways
▪ Collaborations with Blue Chip projects
▪ AMA session
▪ Regular polls held to verified holders

Phase Three
The Takeover
▪ Holder exclusive merch
▪ Real life events
▪ Gen 2 mammoths
▪ Free mint for our next project “Saber-Toothed Cat Club” for those, who hold 5 or more mammoths (1000 supply)
▪ Roadmap 2.0

Baby Mammoth Club is a collection of 5,000 unique Baby Mammoths living and breathing on the Solana Blockchain.
Welcome to Baby Mammoth Club (BMC), a different reality where mammoths still roam the Earth. Some appear normal. Some are cyborgs and others are zombies. Maybe you can find your own!
Why did you start this project?

The narrative of Baby Mammoth Club
We as the BMC team felt a strong social divide nowadays. Yes, yes the internet brings us all together, but we believe this has an undesired side effect – relationships have become plentiful indeed but as a consequence has become more shallow. The quantity has taken importance over quality
To bring together a dedicated and passionate community – to offer every BMC member a new family. To build a Baby Mammoth Club DAO
We will focus more attention and dedication on building a community – something that we believe has secondary importance in most NFT projects. We will be as transparent to our community as we can.
We will:
Have a longer period of building an engaged community than other similar projects usually have
Hold various events, competitions, etc. to lay a foundation for our community. So that the project will remain to exist even after weeks, months, and maybe even years after the initial launch
Build a mammoth DAO, where you can decide where to go with this project going forward. We will have discussions with our more dedicated members and hold regular votes, where every verified holder can vote
DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Dao is a Chinese word signifying the “way”, “path”, “route”, “road” or sometimes more loosely “doctrine”, “principle” or “holistic beliefs”. (Wikipedia)
Welcome to the Baby Mammoth Club family

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