!! BAD DRAGONS NFT LAUNCH !! Enter The Dragons Lair


Dec 01 @

Art x P2E  game x DAO x Utility x Social Contribution x Badass Community
Enter The Dragons Lair
You have been called to join the ranks of our badass secret society of miscreants and outlaws.  Rough riders and flame flippers. A society of fire and renown.
The window of opportunity will be brief as we begin initiation into the clan with Pre & Public sale in the beginning of December.. Final dates TBA.
For those who are extremely eager to join our inner Circle of Fire sooner, opportunities will be available for whitelist, presales, and giveaways before mint date.
Join our discord server for further details & announcements.
The Bad Specifics
1) Buy dragon  2) Stake dragon  3) Upgrade dragon  4) Race to join the High Council (DAO). 5) Slay bosses  6) Collect rewards (More items, weapons, dragons and other NFTs). 7) Become  the ultimate Dragon Master
1.10,000 unique, 1-of-1 artistically & algorithmically generated NFTs on the Eth chain.
2. A Dragon is your ticket to participate in our coming novel Metaverse
3. Unique NFT art, play-to-earn mechanics, and tokenomics will create a game unlike any in the space with its own utility and value.
4. Unique properties + visual traits + abilities drawn from a pool of over 160+ Badass assets. Each determines its rarity AND effectiveness at various tasks/stages in our P2E game.
5. Grants exclusive access into the Dragons Lair, our badass secret community of investors, crypto fiends, NFT collectors & connoisseurs, traders, degens, artists, intellectuals, moguls, mothers, and more…
6. DAO & treasury fund + community governance.
7. DAO will deploy funds for further project development and things like asset accumulation… perhaps fractionalized ownership of a DAO portfolio of NFTs & digital land. “Sweep the floor” of Dragons to retain for future project developments, giveaways, contest, events, etc…. all will be voted on by the DAO.
8. As our universe grows, so will the functionality and intractability of your Bad Dragon NFT and the membership that it grants.
The Badder WHY
Our goal is to donate a portion of initial distribution and secondary sales fees to an organization that works with troubled youth and adolescence and/or with those who suffer from mental illnesses.

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