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Tokens based on BadXGirls magazines and with the aim of financing professional photo shoots of women (professional models or not) of legal age from all over the world, via the internet.Women around the world have gained unprecedented prominence in the history of humanity after social networks such as Instagram, for example, gained great space in people’s daily lives, mainly through cell phones.Producing their own photos and videos, these women now reach literally billions of people around the globe, engaging a vast audience that participates not only by viewing their posts, but also by commenting, sharing, and purchasing products or services advertised by these models.
These women manage not only to capture the audience of millions of Internet users primarily with their photos, but also manage to direct this audience to other websites, other social networks, other communication channels, or to causes they champion or brands they represent.
The size of Instagram today, to name just the main network, is largely the responsibility of these women who pose and post their photos daily, reaching people of the most different languages and customs.They are a universal language, and today they hold an almost universal power as well.The technical framework behind the BADX token is ERC-1155 standard, which combines the best of the ERC-20 (fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies) with the ERC-721 (non-fungible tokens like standard NFTs). BADX unites the concepts of NFT and cryptocurrency, 100% technology from the POLYGON platform, coined directly on the content structure behind the BADX token is 100% technology and experience from BADXGIRLS magazines, world leaders in several countries through the ZINIO platform, one of the largest digital newsstands in the world. Every week, at least 7 new BADXGIRLS magazines reach subscribers in every corner of the world.But the structure of disclosure – which is the ballast of the BADX token – is 100% the women who will participate in this project: every new photo essay they do for the project – and for this they receive money from the capitalization of the token – they will engage their audiences and direct them to publish their essays on the participating websites and magazines, moving millions of people daily to see and watch the results of their photographic work.Once funded by the BADX token, these models, professional or non-professional, will share the token along with their promotional photos (50% of total) daily on their media and social media channels to millions of followers worldwide, absolutely free of charge . Another 50% will be published in BadXGirls magazines, for their subscribers. Only BADX token holders will have full (100%) access to all photos funded by the token via a native OpenSea link.And here, in summary for now, we come to the crux of the project: all material produced with token support will be identified as SUPPORTED BY BADX TOKEN.All models funded by the token will publicize on their social profiles, websites and communication channels that their photographic work is SUPPORTED BY TOKEN BADX.The entire audience of these models when viewing any of their posts regarding their work will know that their work is SUPPORTED BY TOKEN BADX.
The release of the token sponsored photo shoots of these models will mean that on a daily basis literally millions of people around the world will be viewing, discussing, commenting, sharing and watching SUPPORTED BY BADX TOKEN’ videos and photos.
These models will be the ambassadors of the token in front of millions, or even billions of people worldwide.These models need sponsorship to produce their professional photo shoots independently, BADXGIRLS has the know-how for this already proven in all its magazines, OPENSEA and POLYGON have the technology that allows the creation, circulation, negotiation and support of this token…And you may have some of the capital needed to invest in this project that can totally change today’s standardized concept of how cryptocurrencies work:
Our “miners” will be women from all over the world, but who will not be on computers solving equations to back a currency, but in front of their cell phones and cameras producing daily photos and videos to be published for free access by millions or billions of people who, every day, will see quality, free, honest and good taste content SUPPORTED BY BADX TOKEN!
In total, 100,000 BADX tokens were minted, with a suggested starting price of $250. The metadata was then frozen and can never be changed or removed again. For the token release on December 5, 2021, BadXGirls will release 1,000 tokens, initially released to its subscribers, but released to any interested investor.These 1,000 initial tokens must finance the first professional photographic essays throughout the first year of the project, as well as any structure set up for their production, processing and publication. The standard price that each model will receive per photo essay will be 1000 dollars, regardless of the professional model or not, famous or not.

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