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Bali Sisters Hero, The 1st Legendary Series (Fiction)in Bali…Like Hawaii, they have “Hawaii 5 0”, …Save Bali Island with Baliwood Film Villages.
Your name will become co-executive producer season one (so limited offer numbers co-own)or season two depending on the time you buy the NFT, and you will get also original series film copy and poster signed by the film director and film creator. Ownership by NFT buyers besides can switch to profit shares certificate of the film as part of film ownership as well, is also may have one lot creative container film lab related to empowering film villages society in Baliwood Land, Bali. Please send your data to [email protected], cc [email protected] Thank you.
The Synopsis:
Bali Sisters Hero, Original Series…A story by Arvin Miracelova (Founder of Baliwood Integration)
The Soldier of the Demon gains the task of marrying the pre-eminent woman on earth and making his son the pre-eminent half-human warrior of the war demon kingdom seizing the earth in the future. When four sisters from intermarrying with a Balinese woman lean more towards her human mother’s side, making them local superheroes with the power of their own mind and other hidden powers, before becoming heroes of Earth defense.
Why Bali Sisters Hero Original Series can become a new world box office of platform series…
Local myth fantasy combines with the real drama action “local superhero” on Bali island. The story of how the local Gods and the local demons are influencing the sisters (daughters) one to another, to become more human or back to the demon side. And the mother as a Bali woman has a wisdom “Bali” power to make her daughters (Bali sisters) be more human and decide to become every human superhero, a far effect from the demon DNA of the father as the mixed marriage in Bali life. The father is the soldier of the demon kingdom, preparing for the end of the war on the earth, but he has betrayed the demon kingdom for his daughters, he could not kill the wife.
For the 2nd season/remake, we are welcome Intl. co-production partners come to Bali, our Baliwood Land film village,,
A new world legendary Series, “Bali Sisters.” All include a blend of genres like mystery, thriller, and romance, where the first season is still around a criminal enemy beaten by the different four super mind powers that the Sisters have. Bali Sisters Hero.
It all begins when a wife realizes what happens when pregnant with the 4th daughter, with the latest story begins with quadruplet (4) daughters.
The wife runs away from her husband because she knows his husband now and is hiding in a beautiful Bali village.
Her husband is a demon soldier that always searches for another great wife that will give great children troops to help the demon come to the earth at the future earth war (in the final season of the serial).
In the first season, the backstory is still about the teens’ life around Bali cross-cultural life.
The sisters’ life, how they learn their Balinese Mother’s wisdom makes them more human.
And how to be the superhero against only criminals working together with the Interpol and their sidekicks, realize superpower growing day by day, mysterious friends, sisters relationship with the boyfriends, beach life, Bali village life, etc. The story begins at a place somewhere but not in Bali, a father with a wife does not have any superpowers but has an IQ of 175. After some moments, the wife decides to run away with her four daughters from Eastern Europe to a remote place in Bali’s beautiful village.
The mother and four daughters hide and grow up in a beautiful village mountain around Bali above a coastline, far away from the worst influences of the city, especially the demon father. Their upbringing under a single mother creates a strong sense of togetherness. However, it is only the older sister who knows the past of their father, where her three younger sisters are curious to know about him and always try to find out. The DNA of a super IQ of the mother and supernatural soul power of their father meant that all four sisters have different super mind powers.
The older sister can easily read the minds of people, and she is also patient to take care of her other sisters.
The second sister is a gothic type, who can enter the dreams of people upon touching them or stuff and can cause disturbances. She is a dream breaker.
The third sister, her life is ruled by her ego. A bookworm, she can easily hypnotize a person. And she is likely to be a killer following her father’s demon DNA. But he is always killing a bad guy. She is influenced by her best friend Vania that 300 years of demons undercover to be a cute girl who is trying to influence all the sisters back on their father’s side (demons) and looking for the father who betrays the demon king.
The youngest sister is a misbehaved character who can stare into human eyes and create horrible headaches. She is a spoiled girl and likes to party.
The Sisters are protected by one step-sister warrior also looking for the father from getting revenge because of her mother killed by the demon father.
BALIWOOD TOKENS is to combine digital assets (the 1st world independent legendary serial from Bali island by global talent collaboration)namely Bali Sisters Hero which is produced already the testing series, and with physical assets values(Creative Film Box in Baliwood Land film villages, functioned as Bali Sisters Hero film projects and empowering local economy villages in a New Bali when serial break).
[email protected]
Testing scenes, links :
Full testing film :

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