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BeHype is the first exclusively realistic collection of 7,878 unique pieces of digital art that will have as much character as the art of the best artists. From the concept to the smallest details, like facial expressions, everything is crafted like goldsmiths. Inspired by the future of the Metaverse, our collection includes over 200 traits. The goal is to make each piece unique and to prioritize quality over quantity.

BeHype NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
Launch of the collection
Investors and art lovers will see a quality that few productions have equaled. BeHype will stand alongside productions such as Ready Player One, Gamer or Free Guy… This collection is made by multiple artists, in collaboration with celebrities and expert in marketing… In top of that all the scene is very connected to the crypto currency world. The launch is scheduled for mid-January 2022.

Phase 2
Events and Club
BeHype will soon be making headlines.
The few NFTs holders who will have managed to mint will be invited to exclusive live events around the world. This means access to the hottest art, movie, fashion and party venues. Admissions will be totally free for the holders.
The first event will take place one month after the launch, and the community will vote to choose the venue among different cities around the world. Famous people in the NFT and Crypto industry will participate, but shhh… Let’s keep it a secret for now!

Phase 3
Launch of the merchandise
A collection of quality BeHype apparel will soon be announced and available only to holders. As focus on quality, all the items will be distributed exclusively throughout our project. Exclusive resin figurines will also be distributed to some of the early adopters of the NFTs, each figurine bearing a serial number linked by a unique code to the associated NFT.

Phase 4
Charity & Artist Community
To celebrate BeHype NFTs, will give back to the artists’ community. BeHype has pledged to build 3D studios in 4 corners of the world to give artists who can’t afford it the opportunity to pursue their passion. These funds will be used to help and improve the living space of artists who can’t afford it. Our mission is to promote the profession of artists and to help the best to be known and thus to live off their art.

Phase 5
BeHype in the Metaverse
All BeHype collectibles will be equipped for full use in the Metaverse… Won’t stop at profile pictures. Whether you want to see your BeHype in games, movies or use it as a 3D avatar at meetings in the Metaverse. The high-quality design ensures that you’ll be able to use them in any way.

Phase 6
It’s just the beginning…
Want to show you that you have made the best choice to be part of the club and make your investment pay off on a long-term basis. Our goal is to reach the top of the NFTs projects and to stay at the top for a long time. To reach our goal, will reinvest all the royalties in massive marketing campaigns in the world’s largest cities.

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