BigFatCats Gang NFT

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BigFatCats are a hand drawn, randomly generated, digital NFT collectibles of 7,777 super cool gang of BIG FAT CATS. Each of the BigFatCat (BFC) is designed with a combination of Head, Body, Background and Cities. Each BFC is different from others and have traits that are common to rare.

Created by a team who holds true passion for art and digital collectibles and who believes that being the most wonderful community, you deserve the best art, an amazing roadmap, a fun loving team and a real value NFT with utilities and a great story line.

BigFatCats Gang NFT Roadmap

The rate at which technology changes in the NFT Space, it is impossible to see 2 weeks from now, much less 6 months. At BigFatCats, we have devised a Roadmap based on understanding that we are moving rapidly in this environment, thus we are adaptive to the changes. This Roadmap is just a guideline to which route we are taking and will change as we get closer to our End Goal. We are all about achieving great accomplishments with every one of gang member. Together, we wish to make a lasting impression on our world!

-Regular BigFatCats NFT giveaways before and after launch of project on discord/twitter.
-Presale access to OG collectors / presale entry contests / collaborated projects.
-Art collaboration with other NFT projects.
-Gift vouchers, luxury watches, various branded discount coupons and more for holders.
-FREE airdrops to all BigFatCats NFT holders.
-Exclusive Merch for BigFatCats NFT holders.
-BigFatCats 1 of 1 animated and super rare NFT Auctions.
-77 random owners of BigFatCats NFT will be sent a signed and framed print of their cat.
-IRL BFC Gang Meetings & Parties held in different cities.
-BFC Derivative / Remix contest
-Guess the Phase 2 contest
-Phase 2 Launch


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