Bit Mermaid

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555 Bit Mermaids are swimming in the Metaverse Ocean, singing beautiful songs, and looking to find

She longs to experience the wonders of the world above, to walk and dance on the shore with her lover; only then can her soul BE TOUCHED!

‍555 Individual pixie mermaids with a unique & charming identity – that’ll make you fall in love!

The first Bit Mermaid had born in the early 20th century. Her name is MAMA. She has 3 daughters, and the smallest one is a new GODDESS. Goddesses have three daughters, but others have only one!

Each year, new mermaids have been born in a well-structured Family tree, with the magic of numerology, nature cycles, Time, and Dates. Also, archetypes, fictional, and folklore names of some origins!

The latest Mermaid was born in 2021, and this will continue till a meaningful END!

Bit Mermaid NFT Roadmap

The Bit Mermaid Website Goes Live!
Fair Mint of 555 Bit Mermaids via
Gas Back to holders
Release Family Tree (+Rarity Table)
After launch, will celebrate each Mermaids’ birthday on social media. These regular posts include the meaning of her name, revealing her sisters, mother, and birthday twins

Growing the Community
Reach 10k active followers on Social Media (Twitter, Discord, Instagram)
Establish Partnerships with Other NFT Projects to bring more Feminine theme
Exciting Announcements on Community Rewards & Airdrops!
Open up a number of virtual exhibitions in Metaverse to attract new collectors

Communicate publicly to inspire other creators and influence the whole NFT market
Publish Bit Mermaid’s Digital Comic Book in English in fall of 2022
Collaborate with voice over actresses to expand the story
Recording podcast about the story
Each year, new Mermaids will be put on auction on their birthdate
Work on New NFT Projects to Build a BIG, yet effective Community
& This Will be Continued…

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