Brandon Ape Club Pre-Sale


Mar 12 @

Brandon Ape Club is a collection of 10,000 unique images generated to combat censorship via the blockchain and humor. The projects main focus is to spread humor and fun. Each token bought is exclusevely owned by the wallet, and they will own out right the image and likeness of thier NFT. Development on staking and a unique play to earn game will be developed after launch. Each NFT will have the ability to be staked for rewards.
Join our discord to find out more information on the presale.
Project Roadmap:
10% Sold – Development for Play to Earn game is started. Team is grown to include game developers.
20% Sold – Start collaborating with other artists and projects, which includes giveaways and collaborative project whitelist spots. Portions of sales will be used to buy into other projects for giveaways to holders.
30% – Funds (5 Eth) added to the Community Wallet, which will be used for further promotion and giveaways. ERC-20 ($BACC) Token deployed.
40% – Liquidity pool is established, and staking is developed for the ERC-20 token ($BACC), where staking your Brandon Ape will yield returns that can be converted to eth. 10% of all secondary sales will be added to community wallet and token liquidity pool with no end. (5% Community Wallet. 5% Liquidity Pool).
50% – $50,000 donation to Operation Underground Railroad. / $50,000 Donated to Ukrainian aid due to our artist and their community being displaced and many without homes. (Percentage of sales will also go to various charities for relief efforts.)
60% – Designs for Brandon Ape merchandise is started. When developed, giveaways back to holders will start. Storefront is built on to website, NFT holders will have first access to merchandise and at extreme discount.
70% – Brandon Ape Club DAO is established. Where ideas and ways to move forward are discussed and voted on. Topics such as derivative Brandon Ape projects, more play to earn games, investment in other projects, etc. will be discussed.
80% – Launch of a VIP lounge, where holders can chat and share ideas. This lounge will be exclusive to holders of Brandon Apes.
 90% – Teasers and Details about the game and the progress being made starts to be shared. In depth posts about features, development, and screen shots of gameplay will start to be shared.
100% – Develop the future of Brandon Ape Club. A goal of this project is to combat censorship, so what better than a DOA to decide on the best way to do that. Ideas from community holders will be voted on and implemented. Everyone that has a stake in this community will have a voice and platform to be heard.Once sold out, the contract will be renounced, and soon after staking will go live.

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