Bud Heads

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Dec 04 @

For every weed lover out there!

Bud Heads NFT Roadmap

This was the month when the idea about our smoked and stoned budheads was born. Painter started painting sketches and many meeting was planned. Both founders were thinking daily and creating this NFT collection. Set our goals and worked every day for our future community.

Finishing up our project and starting to promote our work. Painter did his job very well as of it has been only two months since start of this journey. Programmer had little problems but he smartly managed to create beautiful site with nice features.

On 4th of December want to launch our minting site and get our followers the once at a time opportunity to buy limited collection of 9999 budheads which will never be minted again. After 12 hours from minting Launch are taking down the minting site and every Budhead left will be burn. After miniting are starting the next stage of our project.

Right after the drop will be listed on most famous Solana marketplaces. Also, in the upcoming days there will be a giveaway of a rare unminted Budhead and Iphone 13 for free on our Discord as a thank you for loyalty of Budheads comunity.

In last quarter of 2021 will show the community a sneakpeak of our cartoon/comics. Assuming, that the comunity will love the art, will release it on platforms. Also, first trading royalties will be distributed between our lovely Budheads holders. Also will start developing our new GAME
at this time.

Our cartoon series/comics is published every week and holders can look forward to weekly distributed royalties. Also are going to do a Airdop for all Budhead holders. To celebrate the Airdop will donate a certain amount to the Lung Cancer Foundation in the EU and US.

In the second quarter of 2022 will make our huge giveaway only for holders. The main price is a trip to Amsterdam with Budheads team! Only few lucky winners will meet Budheads team and enjoy Amsterdam for 4 days completely for free. In this quarter there will be a sneakpeak of our game. This is not final stage, be ready for much more exciting stuff!


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