Character: Your Player for Loot


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Welcome Adventurers,
Mint your Character and join a new world of adventure that is inspired by and built on top of Loot. Your character is randomly generated and stored on-chain. Each character has Stats and skills. Use them to clear Dungeons and earn gold. Be the adventurer you were always born to be.
Join the Adventure on December 1, 2021, at 1 pm PT!
Contract Details
This contract provides players with a character that can be used to partake in this new Loot world. This, in a sense, becomes your identity in this new world. There are three components to each Character: Race, Role, and Element Affinity.
There are 21 Races, 47 Roles, and 12 Elements. There are 4 rarity categories for Races. All Roles have an equal probability of being minted, but there is a small probability of having multiple roles. There are 4 rarity categories for Elements and a small probability of having multiple Element Affinities.
Why Build Character?
There already exist a few projects, like LootCharacter and Role, for the Loot world that are focused on characters. So why come out with something different? These are great projects, but we have a few different perspectives on how characters should interact in the Loot world:

We don’t want to put a limit on the number of characters. Everyone that wants one should be able to get one.
We want to go beyond standard RPG roles (like those typically used in Dungeons and Dragons). We love classic RPG games and the roles in them, but the Loot and NFT world can be so much bigger, including an opportunity to include futuristic Races.
We want characters to be non-associative and separate from stats and Loot. Your Character is your identity in this world. We don’t think your identity should be directly tied to your stats (ability) or the Loot you are currently on. We think there’s a lot of value in these different elements of the Loot world being different collections that can be mixed and matched as people see fit.
We want characters to be randomly generated based on probabilities at the mint. We also want all information related to a character to live directly on-chain.

If you want to learn more about our project, you can read more on our Notion page. 

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