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It is a collection of 5,555 unique NFTs ​ChicskPics is the cutest collection of all time! each has its style of cuteness!
It is a collection of limited unique digital collectibles NFTs with proof of ownership that live on the Ethereum blockchain forever.
​Joining the ChicksPics community means you join a family!
Our last stage in this project is that we want to create with the ChicksPics NFTs holders an NFT project that all of the holders will draw!
50% of the profit will go to a charity, 30% to the ChicksPics holders, and 20% to cover the expenses.
ABOUT THE PROJECTHi, BigChick is talking, My story began when I heard about the most talked about the project in NFT Cyberpunk. I did not do so much except to see the prices of the NFTs going up because I didn’t know anything about that world, I missed an opportunity but the other thing I saw was the huge community built behind Cyberpunk, I saw the friendships and the big family that the project build because of the interest after it, At that moment I realized that I must make such a community of my own! I wanted to connect people from all over the world and make them support each other and make another huge family. The day after I started to look for a name for this project but I didn’t find anything I liked, After an hour my sister came home and showed me a picture of a cute chick on Instagram, and immediately I came up with an idea of ​​the name of our community “ChicksPics” The cutest pics of chicks! Since then look where I am now with 5555 different nft and each is special in its way and especially cute! I build this website for the project and gained in the way a lot of knowledge! I hope we eventually become the largest community and when this day will come we are going to help some people around the world!

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