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YAAAAAAAAAS, December is Christmas month! Don’t you just love the smell of cinnamon, sugar cookies and pastry apples. The fist week of December the PowerPixies collection will drop their Special Christmas edition NFT’s at (+Twitter & Instagram) to start of this holiday season. 
Special editions
Only the special edition pixies are named and has a background story from their life in the elven realm. Often filled with magic pixie dust and a little bit of dark humor. These are rare and have unique elements that won’t be used for the regular pixies. 
Follow us ‘PowerPixies_NFT’ on Instagram or Twitter for the inside scoop and future give aways. 
Welcome to the festive colorful world of the semi-dead PowerPixies. They live in the elven realm. You will come across woodland, high elves, meadow, city, mystical, dark and shapeshifter Pixies. You have a few cross breads. Depending if their parents crossed the elvish realm boarders when looking for love. ‘Wink wink’
woodland ; can be appreciated in their simplicity and cheerful spirit. They have nothing but kindness and would give their wings of their backs. They love creatures and humans. They bring peace and joy to your life. high elves ; do love their bling and often have embalishments with jewels and gold. They are greedy and smart often with a history of a bribe here or there. Where high elves go, soon the money will follow. Every time they pass from owner to owner they learn more and become even more driven and powerful. 
meadow ; they are sneaky little fellows. Extremely creative and are often recognized by flowers or forest made jewelry. (They will steal your stuff to make new items) They will be found at the market once or twice with their home brewed elixers and treasures. These elves slowly but surely will improve your health with their rainbow aura. 
city ; will be rarely found. Because most of them are behind their second screens making crypto dough. They are energetic and will talk your ear off about the thing they love. Good thing is that they bring you luck and fortune.
mystical ; Are often special editions and only come out when you need them the most. They are at their sparkliest when they are top of mind but get grumpy when you forget about them. 90% have magical abilities but not all magic is useful. One pixie will conjure food every time you are hungry. Sounds nice right.. unless you are on a road trip and your car is stuffed with cupcakes and pizza’s to the ceiling!
dark ; their aura is black as space and do nothing all day then cut coupons, binge watch futurama and burn your dinner. They can often be found napping in a pile of coats or dipping your clean socks in water for that extra ‘Aaaaahw why! feeling.. They might look a little evil but they are actually the most loyal elves of the bunch. 
shapeshifters ; No one knows what they really look like. They light up a room when they enter and you will hear laughter where ever they go. Often they can do a party trick which wow’s your friends. 
Pixie owners
All the Pixies (NFT’s) have one owner and they will only listen to their master. So be kind to them because they do tend to bite or lick you when you try to re-sell them.  
“Carolien Hoffman” is from the Netherlands. In real life I’m a management assistant at a scientific revolutionaire environmentally friendly start-up company. On the side I absolutely love to create new characters in procreate. I have a quirky sense of humor and have grown up playing video/board games and collecting cards/comic books and love GIF’s.
Most of it go to the piggy banks of my 3 own little pixie girls; Mila 7, Nomi 4 and Loua 2 years old. They helped me come up with funny special Christmas editions. I would love to have a secret gift for them in their crypto wallet when they turn 18. 
Enjoy the holidays, get your Christmas specials before the 27th of December and spread kindness. 
Hugs & high fives!

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