Crash Landers


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Introducing Crash Landers!
An out-of-this-world generative pixel art alien NFT collection with 10,000 unique Crash Landers! Each alien has SEVEN different unique characteristics and is randomly generated from over 100 hand-crafted traits and assets to make an extremely unique and varying collection. Crash Landers are designed to make awesome, colorful, and unique profile pictures for people who like aliens, ufology, and sci-fi! But that’s not their only purpose…
The MothershipEach Crash Landers NFT will also serve as an access key to The Mothership. A private, holders-only Discord community. As long as you hold at least one NFT, you can join The Mothership and be a part of the elite Crash Landers community where you can socialize, meet & make like-minded friends, trade & compare Crash Landers, enter giveaways, and vote on community polls! Not just a pretty picture!
Genesis CollectionBefore the main 10k collection drop, there will be a smaller manually generated genesis collection for early fans to get their hands on. There will be less than 50 of these Genesis Crash Landers available. These rare NFTs will also serve as access to The Mothership and potentially give more benefits within. Funds from the genesis collection will go entirely towards marketing and funding the main 10k Crash Landers collection.
The FutureAfter Crash Landers and The Mothership have launched, they will continue to be supported and stay active with events and giveaways. There may also be a second collection with alien pets or rayguns (the community can get involved on this) that will be airdropped to current holders when that time comes! Crash Landers may eventually become a single cog in the wheelhouse of a larger NFT Studio! We are not here to make a quick buck and get out, we are here to make an impact, change the game, make friends and build a loyal community that we can give back to! Let’s go Crash Landers!
Stay tuned for more details about Crash Landers!Follow the official Twitter @CrashLandersNFT + join the Discord!

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