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Dec 14 @

Cribbo will be dropping a unique collection of 6500 hand-drawn troublemakers . These troublemakers (Cribbies) will be representative of the Cribboverse; a Metaverse community filled with everyday citizens that represent our personas and professions in real life.
Pre-Sale: 12/14/21 – 12/15/21 (48 hours)
Public-Sale: 12/16/21
Mint Price
.04 ETH
We’re actively building an app that will revolutionize the way we share and interact with NFTs. This app will be inclusive for both NFT enthusiasts and non-NFT enthusiasts alike. A whitepaper on more details to come soon. To be clear, this is NOT a socialFi app or a “twitter for crypto” app, but something of its own kind. This is Alpha release for this app will be available on Jan 7th, 2022 to select Cribbo holders.
Each Cribby will grant holders special utility(s) for our app. Utility will be unlocked through either burning or staking an NFT; granting our early adopters exclusive perks. Perks unlocked from burning will last forever while perks unlocked from staking will be in effect for as long as the NFT is staked. It will be up to the holder to decide whether to burn, stake, or sell. Holders, stakers, and burners alike will also get beta access to new features.
Our team consists of doxxed engineers, PMs, creators, social media gurus, and more, all dedicated to making NFTs inclusive for all. Our experience ranges everywhere from software startups, to big tech, to media conglomerates, and more (although we do have one college intern ).
There are a TON of updates to come, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. Our mint website will be live soon which will also include more details, along with a roadmap of our project. You’ll also be able to find project updates within announcements every few days. Nonetheless, we are stoked to have y’all join us as we, together, pave the way for the future of the Metaverse. 

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