Crypto Freight

30 MATIC X5151


Mar 31 @ 18:00
Presale: 2022-03-31 @ 18:00

Crypto Freight has a unique generative art collection of 5,151 Truck NFTs on the Polygon Network. Each Truck offers unique benefits to its owner, including game token airdrop and game token pre-sale whitelist. Our project is based on a P2E browser game that we will deploy on the BSC.

The project stands out from the rest as it is a collection of Trucks that will fund a P2E truck simulator game.

The entire roadmap can be seen on the website and on the Discord server.

For now we have giveaways for Whitelist and Truck NFTs.
Once the whitelisted NFTs are minted, we will work on the closed beta game so that owners can be the first to test the game.

┈➤ Once 500 NFTs are minted: 10 whitelisted addresses will each receive 1% of sales and a Truck NFT.
┈➤ Once 1500 NFTs are minted: 20 addresses that minted in the pre-sale will each receive 0,5% of sales and a Truck NFT.
┈➤ Once 5000 NFTs are minted: 50 addresses that minted in the public sale will each receive 0,25% of sales and a Truck NFT.
┈➤ Once the entire collection is minted: 151 Truck NFT owners will receive 1 BNB.

🖤Whitelist is open. Be an Early Investor.😎

🎉Giveaways have started. Earn an NFT.😍

😏Be special. Receive VIP Roles.🤤

🙉First members get OG and Brave Roles.😲

💪Get ahead and be part of our community.🤗

👉Join Now!🥳

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