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I am the sole creator of Shroomies with a dream and a goal.
Shroomies started out with one single fella and slowly but surely expanding to a legion. Initial goal is to release the first 50 non-generated, but hand drawn Shroomie avatars for you to take home.
They may have started out as drawings, but over time they have become something more. They are Individuals with their own story to tell, and it’s up to you if you can hear that story. If you look into it closer, and hang around longer, I believe you will be able to see that too.
After the initial release I am going to do something similar to expansion packs. We’re not stopping at 50!Lore:
Who are Shroomies? 
Imagine you end up on a strange world. It’s colorful, it’s quirky, it’s foresty. You look around you, and you see mushrooms. Mushrooms you never seen like it before, or even dreamt of. Some are glowing, some are.. clothed? They have eyes?
You’re confused but curious at the same time, and shortly after you realize they live and breathe, and go by their days. You look at one, he’s got a surgical mask on, you think he might be the community doctor. You look at another, he’s got a glowing hat and you have no idea what he does, but you think he’s pretty cool. Moments after one comes up to you and waves. He’s got a beard he makes a noise and hops away with his pointy hat and stick that looks like a magical staff.
Overwhelmed, confused and mesmerized you take your first steps. You decide you want to explore more, see what other magical mushrooms you will meet and your adventure begins as you follow that weird wizard looking Shroomie into the crowd.

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