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CryptoJoints is the embodiment of what people once saw as illegal, and which is actually natural and can help improve the quality of life for many people. Today it is represented in 5000 images generated by A.I in the polygon network, whose project aims to expand the research and diversification of the administration of this natural medicine, and why not? incorporate it into traditional medicine?
As we care about people, we also want to help our investors by GIVING AWAY 130 ETHEREUM !!! in 130 prizes of 1 Ethereum each. in addition to 20 Cryptojoints prior to the pre-sale, and 5 during the sale process.
Just 10% of our Cryptojoints at a value of 0.08 ETH
By achieving 10% of sales. We will invest 20 ETH in marketing campaigns worldwide to position and add value to our project.
We will also give our first gift of 5 prizes of 1 ETH Among our Holders
25% of sales
We will invest 60 ETH in the creation of our research centre.
We will give 20 prizes of 1 Eth Each one among our Holders !!
50% of sales
We think about the future, that is why we want to invest in incorporating Cryptojoints Skins in the different layers of the Metaverse that are generated. which would allow our users to dress and look like their Cryptojoint inside the Metaverse.
Once again, reaching this goal we will give 25 prizes of 1 ETH among our Holders !!!
75% of sales.
At this point we have almost made it, that’s why
An investment of 100 ETH will be available for our research centre .
We will also give away 30 Prizes of 1 ETH and 5 CryptoJoints among our Holders !!. That means that any Holder who receives these Cryptojoints, will have the royalties accumulated !!!
100% of sales
We have achieved it!! And all this is thanks to you, that is why we will once again raffle 50 PRIZES OF 1 ETH among our holders.
We will once again invest 30 ETH in our research centre.
The fact of being a holder of CryptoJoints, includes your wallet in our rewards system for life !!!
This includes 80% of the royalties generated by the resale of our Cryptojoints and 10% of the profits generated in our real life project for life!!!

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