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The year is 2021, war is coming. As Cryptocurrencies and NFTs continue to shock the world, the battle for Crypto supremacy starts now. The three largest players in the NFT realm, Ethereum, Solana and Cardano begin an arms race, each constructing an army of their kind.

The Ethereum ETs will be the first to assemble, as they take to space, now calling Mars home. Solana will follow shortly thereafter, needing to recruit at record speed in order to keep pace with the ETs. Known now as the Skulls, they have set up their headquarters on the west coast in San Francisco. Around the same time, Cardano enthusiasts will finalize the creation of their militia of Crypto Bots (C-Bots for short) in the Swiss Alps.  

Now, each army is recruiting 8333 new fighters to join their cause. Devastation is inevitable. Civilians will not be spared. That leaves you with only one choice…Who do YOU fight for?
Your NFT will act as your character in a future P2E top-down shooter game in the metaverse.

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