Cuddly Koala Club

37 ADA OTH X10000


Dec 11 @

In a land down under where cuddly little koalas roamed free causing mischief and getting into all kinds of sticky situations across the Australian outback, one tribe of 10 000 escaped into the meta verse, who are now looking for new homes on the Cardano Blockchain!

Cuddly Koala Club NFT Roadmap


Part 1

The 10 000 cuddly koalas are waiting to be minted and enter the Cardano Blockchain! Find out more about the tribe and what they have to offer on our website, twitter and discord!

Charity donation & Youtube event

Our project’s goal is to help donate and raise awareness towards a charitable foundation that helps injured and rescued wildlife that are negatively impacted by the harsh Australian climate and its conditions, such as bushfires.

This will be showcased in a special event youtube video on the Dean K channel in order to directly show how the funds will be used to improve the lives of little koalas and friends!

Collaborations & Giveaways

We are aiming to collaborate with major CNFT projects to create unique one of one CNFT koalas used for giveaways to our Tribe members.

Part 2

Oh no! Some of the little koalas have got themselves into a situation deep down a black opal mine far out in the outback! They need your help to be rescued and escape with the precious black opals to bring as gifts for the rest of the tribe!

Charity donation & Youtube event

Our community will be involved in voting for which foundations and important causes the tribe will be supporting in upcoming charity videos! We are aiming to partner with major names in the community to continue to raise awareness!

Black Opal event

Exclusive for members of the Cuddly Koala Club! Members will have access to the Black Opal mining event (I wonder what these are for?!?!)

Part 3 & beyond !

Time to use those opals … TBA after the Opal mining event.

Details revealed soon…

Disclaimer* This roadmap shows projected targets we aim to achieve, however may be subject to change. We hope to over deliver on promises

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