Cute Poop


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Cute Poops are 9,911 fun-loving beings that have been cursed with a coating of supernatural slime by the corrupt wizard Pandorokus.Time is running out as their deadly infection of ooze consumes their minds and bodies to eventual destruction into oblivion.Unfortunately, some Cute Poops are #NGMI unless you save them!Inside each Cute Poop is a hero with a heart that beats for adventure and a soul that fights for their mantra of POOP.✨ Positive
✨ Outlook
✨ Over
✨ ProblemsYour Cute Poop NFT will allow you to:✅ possess a rare and unique character that makes a fun profile pic, which cannot be taken away from you✅ co-ownership of unlimited worldwide commercial licensing rights to your character to create your own stories and sell merchandise✅ secure lifetime access to an exclusive social network✅ vote on Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) improvement proposals funded by a community wallet✅ earn Poop Energy Points (PEP), which is not an investment but provides additional utility✅ periodically claim free (+ gas fees) NFT comic books which will have special utilities (an additional retail value of $100+)Unlike other projects that are struggling to create deep lore with their anxious communities, the creators of Cute Poop have already structured out an exciting multi-year storyline!Our main focus is to create a powerful emotional attachment to the Cute Poop characters through dramatic storytelling with NFTs — interactive art that can be designed to do things such as unlock hidden features at key narrative events or transform over time based on how long you have them stored in your wallet!

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