CutieSquad NFT will win your hearts and inspire “hidden” artists

CutieSquad NFT is a project that started before it’s breakthrough on the NFT market. This adorable brand now is available in the form of the cutest NFTs.

There are 10.000 CutieSquad NFT and they cost 25 matic each. They are all different, unique, and lovable. CutieSquad NFT offers a lot for their community and plans to build something for the people that still haven’t discovered their path, or are struggling with that. So, let’s hear their story.

What was CutieSquad before it was an NFT?

Gladys P. Nut (the founder) quit her job a few years ago after her second burn-out. Being stuck forced her to go follow her heart and she started drawing again. It was a hell of a road without any knowledge on how to build a business. But she figured it out and this is how the trademarked brand CutieSquad was born! For the past years, we have been selling the cutest Merchandise. But in 2020 the playground changed, we were forced to be creative, move forward, and decided to discover the NFT space!

CutieSquad NFT looks like a project that is planning to fulfill people’s dreams, how are you planning to do that?

We realize the world is full of outcasts with amazing hidden talents who never got the chance to build a better life. We want to help those people to break free and find their true potential. We’re going to put the money back into the community by building a ‘Break Free’ academy. We will offer learnings and tools for people to find their purpose and explore their talents, by hiring the best people to help them and even offering scholarships. Our gen 2 Cutie makes you able to breed $cutiepies to earn a passive income for more freedom.

If I want to buy a CutieSquad NFT what benefits would I have?

If you’re one of the first 1500 Rebel-Cutie holders you receive a free Mecha-Cutie. Holding a Mecha-Cutie qualifies you to mint a free gen2 Cutie. During our roadmap, we will start organizing inspirational events so people can start to build on their best self/life. Later on, we will turn this into a full academy with lessons and events. We partnered up with someone who made it his life’s mission to help others find their purpose and build their dream. Also, we have the most supporting and loving community you can think of.

What are $cutiepies and how can they be made?

Cutiepies can be made by breeding (holding) a gen 2 Cutie. We will start the development down the roadmap. The utility is to buy CutieSquad Merchandise in our Merch store, participation in break-free sessions, and/or sell them on secondary markets for passive income.

What would be your advice to artists that are scared to jump into the NFT market?

Don’t be afraid and go for it! We have a whole new playground here! Start doing your own research and start attending Twitter spaces to learn. Network with other artists in the space and of course come join our community!

Their mint is live now, so if you want to get yourself a Cutie don’t be shy, you can do it here.

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