Dapper Ape High Society

1 SOL X5555


Mar 20 @ 02:00

magine if you could design your own NFT and then use it as a video game character in the metaverse! DAHS is a Solana based NFT project focused on developing 3D video game characters with metaverse compatible voxel technology — We are not selling JPEGs! Each NFT is both 3D printable and AR compatible, letting you take your Dapper Ape with you wherever you go!

At our Build-An-Ape mint on March 20 at 02:00AM UTC, 5,000 more DAHS Apes will come to life and be available for 1 SOL each. Coming in over 20 different breathtaking designs, every ape will be completely naked at mint, giving the holder complete creative freedom over designing their ape with a plethora of different attributes (outfits, items, headwear, etc.) to choose from. 15,000 of these attributes will be dropped shortly after, giving the holder time to trade for their favorite base ape before it’s off to the races!

Holders will be able to customize their apes directly through our website with our proprietary Build-An-Ape software. Build-An-Ape will let holders mix and match attributes to gear up their ape and prepare them for battle. You will be able to design your apes by equipping headgear, outfits, weapons and footwear! Attributes are NFTs themselves and can be bought, sold, and traded to let you design your dream ape while driving up its value! You can collect rare items such as the King’s Sword, Wizard’s Staff, or the Cyber-Punk Ape’s Plasma Rifle. Accessorizing and gaining EXP is important because it allows you to level up, increase the value of your ape, unlock full ecosystem benefits, and become an Alpha Ape!

The team also places a strong importance on blockchain education, and is fully doxed to the point of even having personal introduction videos on our Discord. One display of this dedication to education was shown on February 26, when DAHS collaborated with Case Western Reserve University to host DAHS Hackathon — the first ever international blockchain-NFT hackathon! To further this mission, DAHS is also soon opening applications for both $20,000 of scholarships for holders only, and a $25,000 business incubator fund through our iconic DAHS Tank.

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