Daves Family


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Welcome to Daves Family
Daves Family is a collection of cartoon characters living on the Ethereum network. The collection is heavily influenced by street culture, skateboarding, graffiti, street art, hip hop and punk. The Family is born to offer a home to the different and misunderstood members of our society and help them find their place in this world.
We come from skateboarding, where, either we get the trick or get back up to try again. This is what Daves family is all about, and it applies to any aspect of life – whether it’s that extra weight you said you want to lose, or that promotion in your day job, or that skill you said you wanted to learn – never give up! If you fall, get up – try again – there is nothing that you cannot accomplish!
We want to make a place where everybody feels at home, more than a social club – we are a family, and in this Family, we only have one rule: respect! As long as you respect the members of the family the family is there for you. always.

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