The Dream Babes Collection is a NFT collectible project of 10000 generative, digitally hand-drawn Babes on the Ethereum blockchain released by Deadlime Games that will link into our upcoming project, Dream Babes, available on iOS and Android.

The entire collection is based on a single Ethereum Smart Contract.

We generated 10000 variations of Dream Babes, withing individual traits drawn by world-acclaimed artists. Traits are elements such as: Eyes, Body, Hair, Coat, Lingerie, Panties, and much more – for a total of 16 traits with 6 to 41 possible variations. That’s an outstanding humongous total of 1e34 total possible combinations (that’s a 1 followed by 34 zeroes – that’s a trillion times more than the number of grains of sand on planet Earth – yes, that’s a fact, you can Google it!)

Our collectibles will be tokenized with a special access code. Using your Metamask Wallet as proof-of-purchase, you will be able to get your unique access code and use your NFTs characters in Dream Babes (shortly after the game is released) and in the existing game Fap CEO (if the collection is sold out). This will unlock a Dream Babe character and an entertaining story, everything tailored for your NFTs and entirely and uniquely yours.

But this is not all, you will also receive instant in-game value from the Reward Chest that comes along with your NFT. This can be activated only once per account. The Reward Chest contains:
• A full year of PREMIUM Tier 1 subscription which grants 100 :Ruby: on a daily basis for a total of 36500 :Ruby:
• 1500 :Ruby:
• 25x Multiplier

Oh, our game was also reviewed by PewDiePie.

Minting schedule:
| 500 People
| 0.2 ETH Pass
| 3 NFTs
| 0.08 ETH each

T1 Pre-sale – To be decided, most likely 28 January 2022.
| 1000 People
| T1 Whitelist
| 2 NFTs
| 0.10 ETH each

T2 Pre-sale – 24h after T1 Pre-sale starts
| 2000 People
| T2 Whitelist
| 1 NFT
| 0.12 ETH each

General Sale – 24h after T2 Pre-sale starts, will last until sell-out or if the community votes to burn all remaining NFTs
| Everybody Else
| No Whitelist
| 1 NFT
| 0.15 ETH each

Check out more about our project here. Apple Pre-reg for the game is available!