Degenerate Goats NFT


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The Project 
The Degenerate Goats is a collection of 3,333unique Degenerate Goat NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.
The Team
We are a team of 4 entrepreneurs, using our skills in art & design; marketing, community building, technology, and innovation, our goal is to create the most fun and truly revolutionary communities in the metaverse and IRL.
Every person has dreamt of changing the WORLD. We will be able to accomplish it with our PROJECT. We are going to invest $150.000 USD + a part of the royalties to the Clean Earth Organization, to give back to the wounded earth that has given us so much that we are fortunate to have.
The Barn
We are proud to announce that we have purchased an 875 square foot barn in New York. Anyone who is the first owner of one of The Degenerate Goats NFTs will receive a percentage of square footage in the barn. Your name and NFT will be located somewhere in the bar, all 3,333 will be included. Our goal is to turn this old beat-up barn into a public bar for everyone to enjoy. The bar will be identically modeled after our illustration of the Goats Headquarters/Bar. As each NFT is sold, the square footage ownership for that one will be renovated. The name of the bar will be voted upon on a TBD date. We’ve hired an incredible professional 3D photographer to work with us in building a barn. The real-life barn will be 3D rendered using 3D visualization technology and cloud computing, allowing us to upload an identical model of it into the metaverse where all Degenerate goat holders will have exclusive access to hangout, compete in challenges, and play games at our truly degenerate (goats) casino.
Our marketing team has been very successful prior to the live release of the project with formulating multiple partnerships with a few very large organizations including professional sports teams, clothing brands, and some well-known social media influencers. These identities will not be announced until the actual release of the partnership by the organizations and influencers. We are very excited about these partnerships and cannot wait to unveil them to you guys!
Mobile Game
The app will be developed by a team of professional app developers and will link to your meta mask wallet so that you will be able to compete for a top spot on the leaderboard as your Goat. There will be sweet rewards for the top 10 users on the leaderboard.
Several items are already in production for our first merch drop. This is a member-exclusive event, we’re going to be handling several items in this drop as limited-time rather than

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