Digital Ducklings NFT DROP


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Welcome to Digital Ducklings
Welcome to Digital Ducklings, a collection of 4,444 Non-Fungible Ducklings living in the metaverse. Digital Ducklings will be on the Solana Network. Solana is the fastest blockchain in the world and the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto.
More than 120+ hand drawn traits, each NFT is unique. Join the discord to participate in community events, giveaways and gain access to exclusive minting & much more.
Bring Your Duck to the Metaverse
Unlike other projects, we want to ensure continual success of the project. To ensure the success of Digital Ducklings the marketing efforts will continue long after the initial sale. This project will never reach completion, the team with the guidance of the community will decide the future of Digital Ducklings and help further define their role within the metaverse. 
Road Map
Launch all Social Media channels (Instagram + Twitter). Begin extensive marketing efforts on all fronts. Prepare for our drops and partner with various influencers. We will be keeping our community updated daily, make sure to follow us on all socials. 
At 1000 Twitter Followers, we will open the Discord. The chat will be open to all members in the NFT community to join.
We will be dropping a Pre-Sale Whitelist. In order to get access, you must INVITE 5 PEOPLE to the discord.
Launch the First NFT Giveaway on the social channels.
Extensive Marketing on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Discord prior to launch with continued marketing postlaunch
PRE-SALE Launch on December 1st @ 3 PM PST, 12 EST
Development Roadmap
The Mighty Ducklings never sleep. We’re up all night working on bettering the project. We’re so dedicated to the Digital Ducklings NFT project that we have developed a secondary roadmap which is already being implemented to maximize return on investment. We hope you’re all as Ducking Excited as we are!
Initial Funding
In order to bring the project to life and create as much hype around the project, we will be spending $100,000 in marketing campaigns. 
Community Rewards
We will continue rewarding the Duckling Holders and active community members by hosting community events, giveaways and exclusive access to future mints (DAO). 
In order to bring further attention to the project, we will be collaborating with influencers in the Crypto and NFT space to bring more attention to the projects. We will be hosting giveaways and announcing special prizes. 
The Team
The dream team is comprised of highly skilled individuals, social media experts, influencers, digital artists, entrepreneurs, and engineers who complete the team allowing the creative world to flow freely while maintaining the constant growth and momentum of the project. 

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