Diversity Ladies

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Apr 09 @ 21:00
Presale: 2022-04-07 @ 21:00

Diversity Ladies stands for Diversity and Inclusion. Where you are from or what you look like, should not determine the acceptance of who you are. We are all the same on the inside, we are all beautiful, we are one! Diversity Ladies wants to give everybody the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

Diversity Ladies will be supporting their holders to turn their dreams and aspirations into reality, by supporting and facilitating business start-ups. “We aspire to assist women succeed. The community we build through this platform will continue to support women and promote incredible talent. The DLF (Diversity Ladies Fund) will be central to this. It will be our way of giving back and supporting Diversity Ladies holders to explore their dreams and ambitions”.

In addition to making ETH available for the start-up, Diversity Ladies also wants to give talents in their community the opportunity to work for/in the start-ups. These talents can then be budgeted, searched within the community and financed from the Diversity Ladies Fund.

The founder and artist of Diversity Ladies is Hanna. She has been artistic since she was young. The idea of starting Diversity Ladies came when she was making a NFT starters course to share her knowledge about the NFT space and to attract more people into this beautiful world of Web3. She decided to make a chapter about how to make a NFT and the rest is history. Hanna knew right away that she wanted to link this project to Diversity and Inclusion. Our uniqueness makes us special, beauty comes in many forms and with the Diversity Ladies collection we want to remove the stigma and rather celebrate women of different sizes, shapes, colors including those with vitiligo, birthmarks, freckles, albinism etc. Uniqueness is to be valued and celebrated. The Diversity Ladies collection includes 7777 NFT’s, celebrating women who embrace their diversity with pride.

The ultimate goal is that, no matter how you look, what your background or sexuality is, that you are strong, confident and fully embrace yourself. And that everyone gets the same opportunities, the chance to follow their dreams, to be included. You can find the complete mission and roadmap at www.diversityladies.com.

Pre-sale Date – 7 April 2022 – Pre-sale Price: (ETH): 0.0666
Public Mint Date – 9 April 2022 – Public Mint Price – (ETH): 0.0777

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