Donut Donation – Ticket to the world of NFT

30.0 MATIC OTH X10,000


Jan 25 @

Only fresh Donut Donation from the oven!

10,000 unique collectible items will soon be available for mint

An entrance ticket to the fascinating world of NFT is waiting for you!

Crypto Donut Donation is 10,000 unique creations, programmatically generated by code, with random dough, icing, fillings and sprinkles.
Crypto Donut Donation live on the Polygon network compatible with Ethereum. Join and invite your loved ones to our community.
NFT Crypto Donut Donation give an opportunity to start an exciting journey in the world of NFT and give real help to young children in need!

Donut Donation – Ticket to the world of NFT Roadmap

Giveaway in the community
Follow our Twitter and Discord and give us a thumbs up, will prank and encourage our subscribers!
MATIC and CDD will be drawn among the random lucky ones!

Big Donut Brand
Have prepared cool things for prizes and sales (all funds from sales will go to CDD development), such as merch – physical collectibles – comics – animated series.
To further expand the Donut Donation brand.

Charitable Foundation
Donat together with you will help young children who live without parents!
30% of sales and all percentages from resale will be transferred to the international charitable foundation. Will monitor how funds are distributed and provide full reports to the community.

Free access to the following collections
Already working on the coolest collection! Stay tuned, as will bring even more exciting benefits to our members in the near future!

CDD is a rocket in NFT
Crypto Donut Donation are part of a larger project, and therein lies a truly interesting roadmap.
It will evolve over time, always for the better, with ideas and help from the community, and unfolds little by little, creating an element of surprise.
You are waiting for incredible collections of NFT, a blockchain game based on the principle of “play-to-earn”, sweepstakes and much more!
Owning a CDD is your ticket!

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