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ENDA Metaverse is a project to create a P2E metaverse inhabited by extinct and endangered animals, where people will be able to collect, grow, study extinct and endangered animals, take care of them and spend time together as well as fight against each other. The world these days has become much more environmentally cruel; most people do not even think about the damage they do to the environment on a daily basis. So it was decided to create a new world – albeit a virtual one – where animals can live without a single worry and, most importantly, forever!
ENDA metaverse is not only about the imaginary world. It cooperates with several non-profit organizations, donating a % of every sale of NFTs to them. ENDA’s team hopes that this little contribution will help some species survive.
Nevertheless, the second aim is to create a magnificent P2E metaverse that will allow customers to contact friends, spend time together with both friends and endangered and extinct animals, and make money with joy
Enda Metaverse NFT are collections of digital artworks, which are Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”), running on Solana network, created by a decentralized team of artists, developers, and NFT collectors. Different collectibles that will consist of extinct or endangered animals will be launched. Each launch corresponds to a single animal selected by the developer’s team or the ENDA DAO. Each animal in the artwork has different attributes, backgrounds, textures, and elements which identify its rarity. (Check out rarity chart down below)

ENDA Metaverse NFT Roadmap

1 January
Launch Twitter, Discord and Website
Late January
Mint and Whitelist
Mint our first collection and inhabit solana blockchain with endangered animal named Saola

Late January
Release on secondary markets
Now in process of negotiations with Solanart, Magic Eden, Solsea and Digital Eyes. Guarantee that you will be able to sell ENDA Metaverse NFTs

Q1 2022
Holding any ENDA Metaverse NFT will give the owner access to the DAO. (All ENDA Metaverse NFTs holders will be verified using Grape Protocol). DAO members will be able to vote on future project developments, donations, future partnerships and collaborations, as well as the use of the community wallet

February – March 2022
Perform an airdrop of BabySaola for each SolSaola holder and more airdrops and giveaways for holders. BabySaola nfts will be listed on secondary marketplaces

Q1 2022
Launch our merch exclusively for holders. Going to collaborate with outstanding artist, whose clothes are already popular across the whole world

Q1 2022
Launch Website 2.0 and Whitepaper
Launch an updated website with more detailed description of our metaverse and whitepaper

Q1-Q2 2022
Utility Token
Launch $ENDA utility token on Solana network. Holders of SolSaola will receive an airdrop of tokens

Q3 2022
ENDA Metaverse
The biggest goal is to release P2E ENDA Metaverse, to which NFT holders will have early access. This will be a wonderful world where players will be able to meet friends, spend time with them as well as take care of animals (that will be the representations of your ENDA Metaverse NFTs), breed, grow, reproduce and trade them, earn and collect tradable resources as well as purchase lands. Moreover, players will be able to compete for essential resources and utility token $ENDA in a PVP mode in the metaverse. ENDA Metaverse participants will be able to monetize their metaverse experiences in the Solana blockchain using $ENDA, the platform’s utility token

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