Eneru Pegasus


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Eneru Pegasus NFT
We are Eneru a new NFT project the community is already growing quick. If you’re looking for some new NFT projects, definitely check this one out! Whitelist qualification for the project is starting soon!Here is the roadmap if you get interested
0% Project Launch- The NFTs will be minted from our website: —— at a price of only 0.05 ETH, limited to 10 per transaction, This is to ensure fair distribution between members
10% Collection will be stopped at 974 we will hold the 25 other and they will be given away in RNG,trivia,raffles….ect 5 will be given away trough general chat so everyone can have a chance and the 20 will be given away to holders
15% Premium store available, only holders of  Eneru Pegasus can access it!**  This will include custom merch, physical artwork and more! More information on this will be released stay tuned. 
30% Profits made The EP community will have a vote on 20% of the profits every month on where does this money go charities,more advertising,floor sweep….ect each holder will get 1 vote
45% lottery (1 entry per NFT held) This allows the royalties to be randomly distributed to holders and sent directly to their wallets.
60% Community wallet The community will vote if we use the community wallet to make a video game, cryptocurrency token, etc.Other ideas include entering the metaverse the possibilities are endless.
75% Charity we will partner with a credible health charity. We are committed to donating $15,000 from initial sales to a children’s hospital health charity
90%  Collaborations with other NFTs we plan on joining forces with other NFT collections to expand our community. This is where you come in-the community will help decide who we collaborate with to build up our community . Who do you want to see us partner with?
100%  Goal Our goal is to build the best NFT community and have one of the most successful not only for us but for every holder who trusts this project 
Future in the future we will collaborate with many NFT collections and influencers to make the project blow up and many more is yet to come
Goal** Our goal is to make the world a better place by donating to legitimate charities

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