Epic NFT Heroes World


Feb 18 @

The eternal portal suddenly opened and 19,999 heroes came over from the other dimension. Let’s call out the epic heroes and super villains, hear their voices, and revive the memories. Turn on your creativity and be stunned by the character you choose.
Epic nft heroes world is building his own dystopian world called. This project is his brand new pfp project where nft heroes are created according to the request of our partners. Each partner purchases a card that gives him the right to choose the character of his choice with customizable features such as text on the front and back. Each holder will be able to sell his initial card, which will give its new holder the same right. At the end, each member will keep his personalized card, which he can also sell, or keep as he wishes. Important announcement! To redeem this right, each buyer will have to write to the email address revealed in the unlockable content section that can only be revealed to each buyer of the item to receive instructions to make his request to personalize this card with the character of his choice as well as the text, and receive it by transfer to his address wallet.
The remarkable epic nft heroes collection by fcp is a celebration and ode to all our partners inspired by the perspectives of cultural diversity. The collection showcases powerful “personalized” messages of hope, inspiration, and affirmation in several languages that together make this collection truly remark-able. Choose your epic character, and choose your destiny in the game of life.
Guided by a deep sense of purpose and meaning, our mission is to uplift and empower everyone by focusing on representation. This commitment begins from launch, where 10% of drop proceeds will be dedicated towards our strategic partner to support digital projects that help children and adults discover their personal calling, directly attacking social problems such as suicide. Thereafter, 10% of all secondary sales will go to our “Cristoestodo” impact fund, the proceeds of which will be decided and voted on by our community members for causes dedicated to promoting education, justice, equality and spirituality worldwide.
Fair distribution
(bonding curves are a ponzi)
There are no bonding curves here. Buying a 3d epic card costs 0.07 eth. There are no price tiers; enhw membership costs the same for everyone.
Roadmap activations
We’re in this for the long haul.
We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.
10%  we release 100 epic nft heroes world interactive cards.
20%   we release 500 epic nft heroes world interactive cards.
40% epic nft heroes world releases its first audiocomic (english version) with actors , sfx and soundtrack.
60% member-exclusive epic nft heroes world fighting store gets unlocked. Featuring limited editions “Interactive cards”.
70% we release 2500 epic nft heroes world interactive cards.
80%we release start funding our first video game.
90% we deliver handmade physical heroes to some members of our community.
100%the epic nft heroes world (nft breeding) arcade machine gets fixed. And we cook up new ways to epic with our friends.  

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