Frosty Friends

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Dec 12 @

For years… Frosty Friends were frozen under the Antarctic ice. Global warming caused the ice to melt, freeing 10,000 of them to explore the Ethereum blockchain. With over 150+ different features, each Frosty Friend is unique in its own way!

Frosty Friends NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: Giveaways & community building

Get ready, there are going to be giveaways almost every day giving you a chance to win one of our Frosty Friends NFT’S, allowing you to be a part of our exclusive community!
Phase 2: Launch

10,000 Frosty Friends will thaw their way out of the ice into the ethereum blockchain. Find a rare Frosty and you will receive a legendary price.
At 25% sold,

Donate $10,000 to charity (Frosty holders vote) purchase plots of land in Decentraland and Sandbox for future events.
At 50% sold,

Will be donating another $10,000 to charity
Will secure a feature on Rarity.Tools
Even more virtual land will be purchased and Frosty Club will become Frosty Village. – One lucky friend will win their very own Decentraland plot
Frosty merch store created

At 75% sold,

Will donate $15,000 to charity
Even more virtual land gets purchased and Frosty Village becomes Frosty City
Another lucky friend will win their own Decentraland plot

At 100% sold,

All holders get airdropped their very own baby Frosty.
$SNOW token begins, which will provide unmatched utility for our community. After the token launch, each Frosty Friend will yield daily $SNOW tokens corresponding to its rarity. These tokens will be used to purchase rare Decentraland wearables, merch from our store, real life adventures and more!
Another lucky friend will win their own Decentraland plot!

Phase 3: Rewards

Everyone who has a frosty friend in their wallet 7 days after launch will be airdropped a NFT wearable to flex in Decentraland.

Will be hosting events every week in Decentraland and Sandbox that will be full of giveaways, live DJ parties, DAO meetings and more!

Will also be renting out a venue in Miami exclusively for the Frosty Friends! When 100% sell, will start working on baby Frosties for you all to be airdropped ontop of all the other rewards!

**Our goal is to give back so much to the community that you won’t have to even think about selling your Frosty because it provides so much utility. **

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