Generic Heroes League (GHL)

0.12 ETH X9990


Feb 20 @

Brave brothers and sisters! The metaverse needs you! We are under attack by an unknown threat from the Space! Without heroes we are doomed. The time has come. We need you help! Mint your hero from Generic Heroes League (GHL) and save our planet. There is at total 9990 heroes living in the Ethereum Metaverse. Heroes were created by former Marvel comic book artist. By holding hero you can earn daily $POWER tokens, participate in NFT claims, giveaways, be part of DAO responsible for first ever community-driven comics storyboard and much more! Don’t miss this NFT drop. It’s gonna be big. Early bird sale is on January 30. Price per mint is 0.06 ETH. If you mint one hero, you get second for free! No whitelist needed! First come – first serve! Total supply for Early Bird is limited to 500 mints (+500 for free). Join our Discord for updates.

Generic Super Heroes League NFT Roadmap

The Team is READY TO LAUNCH! All the smart contracts, collection look and feel, utility and rewards for our members are decided!

WHITELIST and PRESALE OPENS! – Proud to announce you OUR ROADMAP and our Vision for the GHL Universe! All socials are up and are getting in touch with influencers, communities and creator to spread the word of the LEAGUE!

MINT of ALL 6990 FIRST EDITION HEROES – Heroes generating $POWER tokens daily for the next 10 YEARS and the 3000 ETHEREALS summing (breed) starts!

FIRST EVER COMMUNITY-DRIVE NFT COMICS STORYBOARD – You decide the fate of our HEROES and all the action will inspire a play-to-earn game in the metaverse.
THE HEROES VAULT – Our community bank for you to decide how invest ours funds.

NFT LAUNCHPAD – Giving you opportunities to INVEST in our members PROJECTS and have a chance to be HEARD.

Ready for the METAVERSE, all the assets of your NFT will be usable in the METAVERSE.
The GENERIC HEROES LEAGUE Project will be extended to Sandbox, where a field will be bought once the project is sold out. The field will be our DIAMONDS LEAGUE HALL were all the HEROES will meet and host special events.

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