Gentle Tiger Club

0.03-0.11 ETH X10000


Dec 15 @

In December of 2010 the tiger community was celebrating the upcoming new year of 2011. A masquerade ball was organized, everyone was invited, including of course the hares. Since according to the Chinese Calendar, 2011 is a year of a hare, lots of heated talks about the transition from the tigers to the hares were held. The party was in full swing, but suddenly the lights went down, the smoke went out and people in masks burst into the building. All the animals were packed in cages and taken away in an unknown direction. What happened to the hares don’t know yet. However after a long search, the tigers were found in the vastness of the Meta universe, unfortunately still trapped in their cages. It is only in freedom that tigers can share their extraordinary abilities and bring joy and luck to people.
Open the cage and help your tigers get their freedom in the vastness of Etherium.

Gentle Tiger Club NFT Roadmap

0% – Found tigers trapped in the cages. Started rescue program “Gentle Tiger” The launch of Social Media channels (Instagram + Twitter).

Created Gentle Tiger close club on Discord only for GT NFT owners The Launch NFT Giveaways on the social channels Start Pre-Sale by price 0.03 ETH + GAS fee (2 000 NFT)

20% – Pre-Sale ended and start Public sale by price 0.07 ETH + GAS fee (5 500 NFT). 10 random winners in the competition will receive the GT NFT for free.

35% – 100 random members of pre-sale will receive a GT NFT as a token of appreciation for the support at the start of the project 10 tiger owners will be randomly selected and receive 0.5 ETH.

50% – Discord contest is activated only for members of the GTClub The 3 winners of the competition with the best results will receive cryptocurrency depending on the place: 1st place – 5 ETH; 2nd place – 3 ETH; 3rd place – 1 ETH

75% – 5 random tiger owners will be able to go to India for a Tiger photo safari with GTClub team

Final sale by price 0.11 EHT+GAS fee (the last 1500 NFT) Merch activated! Let’s start working on merchandise for our community!

100% – All Tigers are saved! Collection Sold Out!

The Gentle Tiger Club will donate to the benefit of the tigers 30 ETH will be donated to the Estonian Zoo for the construction of a new tiger enclosure

30 ETH will be donated to WildCats Conservation Alliance to save wild tigers and Amur leopards for future generations Allocated 60 ETH to the community wallet, which will be used to buy NFT from other aspiring artists. All offers and purchases are agreed upon with GT closed club members on our Discord server. 100 tigers will be distributed to random club members of the Gentle Tiger Club. One owner of the most unique NFT of Gentle Tiger ranked by will be the owner of a new Tesla Model S in the style of a tiger.

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