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The gnomies are NFT powered Web3 accelerator to kickstart the world’s most exciting network of entrepreneurs, investors, and talent within the rising Web3 space. Our mission is to build, incubate and fund this community to empower the future generation. By holding a Gnomie, you have an exclusive opportunity to help grow Web3 and benefit by doing so. With every interaction, you show the world that you support Web3.

Our goal behind the Gnomies is to not only have real-world utility for holders but also have amazing art to back it up. The team behind the Gnomies have been working tirelessly to put together a very unique set of 180+ custom and adaptive traits which will be revealed 24h after you mint, adding a surprise element. Zombie gnomies, Robot gnomies, Alien gnomies, Special gnomies, and much more are all part of the collection which will make your Gnomie unique and stand out.

We share the same mission of bringing Web3 mainstream. That’s why we’ve decided to build out a strategy to evolve this process powered by our community. You can now be rewarded for helping accelerate the development within Web3 by referring people and projects that you think have potential. This will be done through a Web3 powered tool only available to the Gnomies (through digital wallet verification).

Don’t get left behind. Together we can change the future of Web3.

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