Happy Huskies 1.0

0.005ETH X10000


Jan 26 @ 00:00

About Happy Huskies 1.0
Happy Huskies 1.0 is a Collection of Utility NFTs from The Kalakar Project. There are 10,000 Huskies ready to be adopted by you guys. Who does not love Doggies? And all the Dog lovers love Huskies. They are one of the most intelligent, smart Dog Breeds. These Happy Husky NFTs are must have for any animal or dog lover, Husky lover. Our huskies are of different color, personality, names, DoB. There are 14 layers and more than 42 Traits/Properties/Attributes to each of the Happy Husky NFT. Each are unique (1/1) and few are very very rare, few are Very rare, few are rare, few are common, and few are very very common types. And the initial value will start from 0.005ETH and will go upto 1.0ETH at the time of launch. This process will take us time to time as the popularity grows! So don’t miss on the early opportunity to grab one before it is too late to own one and 1000x them in a short time! We also have giveaway offers for the whitelists who will be eligible at the time of the drop. We will select 100 lucky people every week for the giveaway. To get into the list one have to: 1. Follow our Twitter Page. 2. Follow our Facebook Page. 3. Follow our Instagram. 4. Retweet/Share+Like, mention 3 more friends in our social media posts. 5. Like 5 of your favorite Happy Husky in our OpenSea collection. – Do any 3 of them and send proof of the activity on our social media page and hurray! Description: Specialty about the artwork: 1. 146 traits 2. Flat 3D (sticker type) art 3. No violence, negative, toxic, bad items/inspirations/moods to be shown in these Happy Huskies. To bring only positive vibes to the Viewers and Holders. Utility of ‘Happy Huskies 1.0’ NFTs: 1. Collectibles 2. Special Rewards for the owners. (Exclusive contents for owners) 3. Special Giveaway to the owners from time to time. (exmpl: Event Tickets, New NFT launch, etc) 4. Will get early access and special features ready for the Beta testing of Happy Husky Game (2nd phase plan) 5. Will get early access and special features ready for the Beta testing of Happy Husky Metaverse (2nd phase plan) ..and many more! We have a much organized team behind this Happy Huskies 1.0 project that includes Artists, Developers, and Marketing team. We will engage prominent Influencers also in this project in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Also in the roadmap we will introduce happy Huskies 2.00 and happy Huskies SE (Special Edition) with special goals with planning for extensive utilities. Platform: OpenSea , link: https://opensea.io/collection/happy-huskies Network: Polygon (So you don’t have to spend hefty Gas Fees as extra!)

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