Have a sneak peek at the new chapter of The GOAT Society, NFT project that was sold out in 5 minutes

You can find thousand of NFT collections on the NFT market today, but few of them can brag that they are successful. The GOAT Society doesn’t have to brag because their success is easily seen.

The GOAT Society is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs meant to unite the different communities and fans of the real-life GOATs—the Greatest of All Times. The first part of The GOAT Society is sold out and that can be easily seen on Opensea and the blue badge says it all. They are planing a part two for their community and much more, but let’s not spoil all the fun, we asked the team of The GOAT Society to guide us through this NFT project, and we learned a lot, now it’s your turn, also at the end of the article, you can see sneak peeks from their upcoming drop.

Not all can make it on the NFT market but The GOAT Society did it, what is your “secret”?

We recognized early on what it takes to develop an NFT project. Fortunately, we were able to surround ourselves with a proper team. From Artist, Developers, Legal, Moderators, Marketing on down. We have structured our project as a business, and community-focused. Focusing on where we want to be in the long term determines how we deploy our efforts in the near term. We also identified early on the importance of marketing a project and conveying that long-term vision to our community, especially in a web3 world that never sleeps. With the structure around us, it has allowed us to hone in on building our community with the focus needed to succeed. We now feel that our community is one of the strongest in the community, and we have just begun.

The art speaks for itself, but how did the idea about The GOAT Society? Who wrote the story and who did the art? ​

This was a true collaboration between Myself, (Blockchain Buddha) and our Artist 4Fun. We have been partners for quite some time now in business and really more like brothers in life. In business and life, we have always admired individuals that have reached the pinnacle of their respective professions. Knowing the dedication it takes to reach such heights we wanted to pay homage to those efforts. The Lore of the project was developed in true collaboration between him and myself focusing on how we need to summon the aspects of past greats, to deploy what can be learned from them in the story and really our everyday lives. 

Your roadmap says you are planning a mobile game, tell our readers something more about it?

As we entered the space a few months ago, our goal was a mobile and desktop game. With web3 developing at a rapid pace, we have shifted our focus. We will be gamifying the GOATs, and our members will learn more about this very soon, but for now, the development of the game itself is on hold until we have higher confidence that a major investment like this will be highly rewarding to the GOAT holders.

In The GOAT Society there are custom generated goats, rare goats, and iconic goats. What are the differences between them and what kind of benefits do they bring?

There are perks for each level. We started with 9000 custom GOATs, each with different rarity levels, and a ticket to be “burned” within the herd regenerator events that we host. We have summoning event #1 on December 21 where holders will be able to sacrifice anywhere from 3-5 GOATs in order to receive a rare or iconic GOAT. We expect the total supply of the collection to be reduced by 20+% after this event. This will be the first event of its type.

Our mid-level tier is our rare GOATs. We have 700 rare pieces within the collection before the summoning event. Each has the utility to enter raffles with the iconic GOATs, just with a lower percentage to win. There is also a hidden utility with the rare pieces that are to be released in Q1 2022 for our holders. The artwork itself is an iconic figure morphed as a goat, with a solid color background.

The top tier is the iconics! This makes up 300 total pieces of the collection, which is just 3%. 

The iconic pieces are very recognizable, as they are all 1/1 pieces with unique hand-drawn assets and backgrounds. These pieces will receive top priority within The GOAT Society events, high raffle percentages, first in line for metaverse events and capabilities, etc. These will be highly desirable pieces as The GOAT Society continues to develop.

What is the next step for The GOAT Society and its community?

The GOAT Society has a multi-year vision and we are built to adapt and transition quickly as well. Our goal is to first and foremost provide massive value and education to our community with multiple AMAs and educational chats on a weekly basis. 

Sneak peek from upcoming drop

Our first collection sold out in a record-breaking 5 minutes time, and our artist 4Fun has only gotten better with our upcoming collection. Late December or early January we have Season 2 incoming. The collection itself will have fewer units, a unique play on words, similar rarities, and is a part of the lore and gamification that will come into play this upcoming year.

Financially, we are increasing our community wallet percentage and will continue pouring 100% of the secondary sales royalties back into community growth, marketing, and utility fulfillment. 

Sneak peek from upcoming drop

The GOAT Society understands everyone in the space demands quick action, but we are focused on building our foundation as strong as possible, so that when we walk into the metaverse together, the HERD strength will be felt, recognized, and no question will attract members from outside communities. 

2021 we made our entrance…#GOATGANG is going to have a 2022 that will be remembered forever.

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