HyperCube: Window to the Soul


Feb 14 @

They say eyes are the window to the soul. What does the digital soul look like?
Window to the Soul is a generative art algorithm producing a collection of unpredictable and infinitely unique digital eyes, sold as NFTs. The algorithm generates each eye at the moment of purchase, based on the state of the Ethereum blockchain at that instant as well as the unique id of the buyer. It is impossible to predict in advance and neither the buyer nor the artist knows exactly what each eye will look like until the moment it is purchased. It is truly a window into the digital soul.
Each piece is animated in 3D and is resolution-independent, meaning it will scale to any size of digital display without any loss in quality or resolution. Animations are non-repeating and continue forever.
933 pieces will be available for public sale that will start on February 14th at 12pm (NY time).

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