Iconic Cones


Feb 04 @

How many Iconic Cones will there be?

A total of 5,555 Cones were generated.

Where can I buy Iconic Cones ?

Iconic Cones NFTs are available on Opensea.

What’s the price & how do you accept offers?

The price is 0.004 ETH. All offers received at our mint price will be accepted. However, the offers received during offline  hours will be accepted at the highest offer in order to maintain fairness. If the community demand is extremely high, we may make sales with surprise events.

Do you reserve NFT for giveaways etc? 

Yes, but we won’t reserve the super rare Cones. Before release, we will reserve random Medium-Low rarity Cones for use in giveaways etc. We will reserve 50 of them in total.

How can I achieve Discord roles?

There are 9 types of roles on Discord right now.

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