Introducing Cryptoland, the first crypto island that you can actually visit!

We have great news for all NFT and crypto enthusiasts. If you ever wished that you can go to a place you will be finally understood, to talk to people that love the crypto and NFT world, a place you won’t get weird looks, then your suffering is over. Cryptoland is the place that will change everything.

Cryptoland is building the number one crypto destination on earth. A crypto paradise where the community can surround themselves with other like-minded individuals. This will be a powerful ecosystem by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts.

We are curious by nature and decided to ask them a few questions so all of us can get to know and understand the project better.

Cryptoland is the most ambitious and amazing project we’ve ever seen, but also the most reality connected project. Who said first: “Hey let’s create an island for crypto enthusiasts”, and why?

Everything started with our passion for crypto and the feeling of isolation we had as many people in the space, who couldn’t find a place to meet like-minded individuals that understand the power of this phenomenon. Of course, you can meet people online and the metaverse is procuring a cool space to do it but, real-life experiences are much more rewarding, especially if the environment is carefully curated. So we found there was a gap to fill there. That a place to have as a reference destination for the crypto community was needed. A place where everything is crypto themed and crypto is the central point of it all. The mission is to bring the brightest minds in the space, create an international crypto hub and provide the community with a destination where they know that if they come, they will find not only crypto themed tropical paradise but also, people to exchange thoughts, ideas and grow this revolution together.

How is the project going for now? What can we expect in the near future?

We are in the phase of growing our community and finding those key people who truly want to own a piece of this private crypto island. Cryptoland is an ambitious project and there has never been something similar attempted in the space, so it’s crucial we focus on getting the vision out there and getting the community to deeply understand it.

Crypto and NFT are becoming more famous every day, if the demand gets bigger are you planing to build more communities?

It is absolutely fascinating how far crypto is getting. We entered the space more than 5 years ago and since then it has not stopped growing. Now with the NFT sensation, many people are discovering crypto, so it’s been very positive for the space. We’ve created our own collection called Cryptolanders, and as with everything in Cryptoland, is 100% crypto inspired. Each trait is rooted in something crypto. If you hold a Cryptolander you are part of Cryptoland’s inner circle. Cryptoland is for everybody and you don’t need our NFT to visit the island, but by holding one you have special benefits that otherwise you wouldn’t, plus it’s the way to show you are a true supporter of the vision. Parallel to the physical island, we will build Cryptoland on the metaverse so everybody can enjoy Cryptoland and be part of the community no matter where they are.

What can a satisfied Cryptoland visitor expect from a trip to Cryptoland?

For us, the most important is that each and every single person who comes to visit Cryptoland or lives there has a seamless, unforgettable experience. We have very high standards of how life should be and how the day-to-day activities should unfold. The idea of building Cryptoland on a private island is firstly to ensure you feel like you are in a different world, one where you feel at home and everything is comfortable and almost feels like you’ve stepped into a parallel reality. You achieve excellence when the guest doesn’t even have to think on the small nuances of day-to-day things like, where are the light switches, calling the buggy to take you from your villa to the crypto beach, etc. Life just unfolds perfectly and they can focus on the important things. In Cryptoland you get that seamless experience in a luxury crypto paradise. We encourage everybody to have a look at our website and “why paper” to get a deeper idea of everything that Cryptoland has to offer.

Will there be a limited amount of time someone can spend in Cryptoland?

You can come and stay in Cryptoland from a few days to even years. Cryptoland’s luxury resort is for those short-mid term stays. House of DAO, located on the other side of the island, is a startup village for those projects or people who want to spend more time in Cryptoland to incubate their projects and work on their ideas. And then there’s the Blockchain Hills, Cryptoland’s exclusive residential area with a private beach and club. Located on top of the mountain crest with incredible views to all Cryptoland, the Blockchain Hills have only 59 plots of land, available for those who want to own a piece of the island. Each parcel comes attached to a King Cryptolander, an ultra-rare NFT from our collection.

If I want to come to Cryptoland how much would that cost me, and what will I have in that price?

There is no established stay price in Cryptoland since it widely depends on the type of accommodation and duration of your stay. For example, those who own a parcel on the Blockchain Hills and have built their villas, won’t pay anything as having a parcel there entitles you to enjoy all Cryptoland’s spaces and amenities and they can invite people over or rent their villas. Then, in the House of DAO, for instance, if you are an incubated project you might get a different accommodation price too. Finally, in Cryptoland’s resort, the cost will vary depending on the time and type of villas you chose, but the prices are not yet determined. We will make sure there are options suitable for everybody and will announce details on that further along with the development of the project.

Cryptoland is truly a new innovation that can bring real change to the crypto world. Would you like to visit Cryptoland?

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