Is there an NFT haters club? A developer build tool that lets you auto-block NFT people on Twitter

White Twitter introduced hexagon-shaped profile pictures some people didn’t like the idea. Some gamers and tech-enthusiasts are still mocking the NFT market and now some of them are furious about Twitter’s decision.

One developer that goes by mcclure on GitHub took the hate game forward and made a tool against NFT enthusiasts.

The tool is a Google Chrome and Firefox plugin that blocks Twitter users who have the new hexagon profile pictures. When on Twitter, if the user presses the “run NFT block” button, it will scroll the page and block anyone with the offending icon. The developer says that future versions will scan the user’s notifications and do the blocking process automatically.

The tool is derived from a plugin called the Twitter Block Chain, which blocks everyone on a single page. It was adapted to only block those with NFT profile pictures.

Mcclure says that NFTs are a “investment scam” and gives three reasons why someone would want to block those showcasing their NFTs. He said NFTs contribute to global warming and that there are scams and art theft in the NFT markets.

As the third point, he said, “In short, NFT users are just irritating to be around. People who bought NFTs have to keep hyping other people to buy NFTs or the NFTs they bought will lose value. Twitter NFT cliques are rife with sockpuppet accounts, dogpiling and indifferentiable monkey clones. Blocking NFT users just makes Twitter nicer.”

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