Kosher Pig

23 MATIC X1234


Jan 10 @ 18:00

– Donation to non-profit.
– Merch for holders.
– Creation of Kosher Pig DAO – we decide what to do with Kosher Pig fund.

KSHRP is an ERC721 Token with a Max Supply of 1234 on Polygon.

I was born into a nice Jewish family. When I was just a wee pig, I was a very good Jewish boy until one day, I started to wonder… what else is out there? Immediately, I went on a quest of spiritual exploration. Slowly, I acquired some headwear, necklaces, and clothes from other religions I knew nothing about. Oh, and I didn’t stop there; I wanted to see what it felt like to try on different skins, too. I got some furry skins, some polkadot skins, and my favorite, a tiger skin. Every day, I tried on a different combo of these skins and accessories. Some combos intrigued me, others bored me. Some made me happy, others I wasn’t so sure about. In some very rare cases, I became enlightened, growing wings and a third eye. This NFT collection is my photo album. Every day, I snapped a shot of what I was wearing and how it made me feel. Now, I’m sharing my album so you can step into other people’s clothes and skin. That’s what this community is about.

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