Mafu Collection by Cusica X Väsik


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Music, in general, is a mainstay for culture and entertainment. It is an art that connects many people in myriad ways. Just wearing a t-shirt of your favorite band provides an easy way to connect with like-minded fans. 
Concert tickets are one of the most common collectibles in music. With the metaverse getting closer and closer, it’s exciting to think of how NFTs could revolutionize the way in which we collect tickets. Venezuelan project called Vasik plans to change the world. How? Well, they teamed up with Cusica, Venezuela’s most prominent event organizer, to make it possible.
Enter Vasik, an emerging Venezuelan project that has teamed up with Cusica, Venezuela’s most prominent event organizer to make this possible. This non-fungible token (NFT) collaborative platform has a clear mission: to be the main ally in Web 3.0 for musicians, brands, and content creators who wish to monetize and have a presence in Web 3.0
In this way, they will be able to monetize their presence on Web 3.0 by developing a project of NFTs together with Vasik. That being said, their main goal is to build new communities by bringing utility to their partners. This will allow NFT to create experiences that go beyond the visual factor. 
Vasik was the option to explore for Cusica, one of Venezuela’s principal music event organizers. Talks started, and everything was going great — until Vasik met the Mafus and the Mafu Collection. 
This collaboration is fueling a dream of even bigger things according to Enrique Arrieche, founder of Vasik in a direct interview with Gokhshtein Media. He notes that the collaboration with Cusica stems from a project called +58 which is focused on five categories: art, music, events, brands, and benefits. All of this represents a model that fits perfectly with the collaborative nature of Vasik. 
Arrieche calls Vasik the technology and Cusica is the provider. With Cusica having provided entertainment and live music in Venezuela for years, the Mafu Collection now plans to create a community around it that aspires to elevate the experience of its holders.
Arrieche also states that the plan gives a small piece of Cusica and Vasik to its holders through benefits the most desired of which will be the entrance and attendance to Cusica Fest, the largest music festival in Venezuela, for three years in a row. Another perk will be access to an exclusive area for NFT owners.
Vasik also plans to launch a commercial space for the exclusive use of its holders. But plans go much further – there will be a national tour. 
Here, the holders of the most precious Mafus will be able to go on tour with the team and different Venezuelan bands. The plan is simple: have a good time, enjoy the artists and the whole club.
Vasik’s roadmap to this is simple: Create great experiences while building awareness of the benefits NFTs offer. Once the public recognizes what NFTs can do for them, they will start working on bigger plans.
The Mafu collection is currently being launched. Once all the Mafus have been minted, they will be revealed. By then, all 700 holders will discover what benefits they will have.

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