Marco Glaviano Drops Supermodels NFTs


Dec 06 @

World famous fashion photographer Marco Glaviano launches supermodel NFT’s at Miami’s decentral. Cindy Crawford, Alexis Ren, Iman Bowie, Paulina Poritzkova and a unique depiction of former American president Donald Trump as seen in vanity fair
Marco Glaviano, Photographer FAMOUS FOR PUBLISHING WORLD’S FIRST DIGITAL PHOTO in American VOGUE, releases exclusive NFT artworks from an extensive archive in collaboration with 90’s supermodels Cindy Crawford and Paulina Porizkova, and internet sensation Alexis Ren.
St. Barths – December 1, 2021 — Five unique and single edition NFTs are now available via Art lovers and collectors can bid on Marco Glaviano’s NFTs and win the chance to be photographed by the icon and receive personalized videos by muses such as Alexis Ren and Cindy Crawford.
Alongside his classic photographs of supermodels Cindy Crawford, Paulina Porizkova, Iman Bowie, and social media sensation Alexis Ren (boasting 16 million followers on Instagram) the auction includes a unique depiction of Donald Trump, taken in 2004 at his apartment in Trump Tower, originally shot for Vanity Fair. The collection is titled “Beauty and the Beast”.
Widely credited with “sophisticating the pinup” and creating the “supermodel” look of the 80’s and 90’s, Marco Glaviano’s body of work played a fundamental role in elevating fashion photography from pictures in magazines to fine art.
PINHOLE is a newly launched digital art gallery designed to create, curate, and auction art NFTs for the world’s most iconic, and most up-and-coming–photographers. This is the first collaboration from the digital art gallery, with more planned releases in the near future.
The drop is live at Rarible

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