Mekaformers: Legacy

0.08 ETH X3000


Jan 26 @

The second collection of the Mekaformers brand, 3000 PFP oriented NFTs, expanding the Universe and giving additional utility to the holders

Mekaformers NFT Roadmap

.01 Launch

Utility comes first. Mekaformers were made in Unreal Engine 5, have all assets rigged, game and metaverse-ready so from the very beginning you will be owning an asset that already has further utility within both metaverse and gaming areas that come along with full commercial rights.The drop will be announced as grow together, want a community as solid as the materials our Mekaformers are made out of!

.02 Unreal Engine 5 ( Ready )

Mekaformers are ready to be used in Unreal Engine 5, 1 week after the launch will be uploading the files to the website for every holder that wants either to build a game or explore the capabilities their Mekaformers allow in Unreal Engine 5, every contribution to our universe is always welcome. Mekaformers are ready to be used as the community pleases!

.03 Blender rigged bodies ( Ready )

Of course know there are a lot of incredible people with amazing skills within NFT space, so 2 weeks after launch will be uploading blender files to our website the owners of Mekaformers can claim for free!

.04 Metaverse Avatars & Wearables

As have everything prepared, metaverse avatars are a natural step for the Mekaformers universe, it will take us up to 4 weeks to introduce Mekaformers in the first of the many metaverses want to introduce them in!

.05 Play-to-earn

All Mekaformers are ready-to-go and fully working in Unreal Engine 5, our next step is to build a play-to-earn game with them!.So excited to talk with you about it. Will also be exploring other genres apart from main game that could fit into our world to bring Mekaformers further and keep developing titles connected with the same technology!

.06 Big Screen

Our team features the artists in charge of the most successful movies the world has seen within the past 18 years. Not only our skills make us the perfect fit to be capable of producing a movie or a series but we’ve been gathering a strong network within the Hollywood industry throughout our lives! It would be amazing to lead Mekaformers into the Big Screen

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